Australian House Prices


Australian House Prices are soaring in Australia’s state capitals as all-time low interest rates and a lack of properties on the market drive up valuations

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Average House Prices in Australia

The typical Australian house is detached and has a garden. Apartments and row houses are commoner near the centres of cities but detached houses still predominate in most areas.

When you take wages into account, Australia’s house prices are high compared with most other countries. This is likely to result from the desirable lifestyle and climate Australia offers.

Other English speaking parts of the world where house prices are high compared to wages include California, USA; British Columbia, Canada; and New Zealand. Each of these enjoys a mild climate for most of the year, with little snow.

House prices in all Australian cities, apart from Hobart, have fallen or made very modest gains over the past 12 months. Sydney and Perth are the two cities experiencing the largest declines.

Property in Australia is still most expensive in Sydney.

Australian Cities Average Dwelling Prices January 2019

City Average House Price 12 Month Change
Sydney, NSW $840,000 – 5.9 %
Melbourne, Vic $665,000 – 1.5 %
Brisbane, Qld $490,000 + 0.1 %
Adelaide, SA $438,000 + 1.1 %
Perth, WA $475,000 – 3.6 %
Hobart, Tas $420,000 + 8.4 %
Canberra, ACT $591,000 + 1.4 %

Australian Cities Average House and Unit Prices January 2019

City Average House Price Average Unit Price
Sydney, NSW $955,000 $720,000
Melbourne, Vic $737,000 $550,000
Brisbane, Qld $530,000 $390,000
Adelaide, SA $465,000 $340,000
Perth, WA $500,000 $380,000
Hobart, Tas $450,000 $336,000
Canberra, ACT $670,000 $426,000