May 2021 Saw UK House Prices Growth Rise to 10.0%


UK House Prices : The average house price in England increased by 9.7% over the year to May 2021, unchanged since April 2021, with the average house price

UK average house price increased by 10.0% over the year to May 2021

The latest house price data published on GOV.UK by HM Land Registry for May 2021 show that average house prices in the UK increased by 10.0% in the year to May 2021, up from 9.6% in the year to April 2021 (Figure 1), representing a continuation of the strong annual growth seen in recent months.

Because of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on both the number and supply of housing transactions, we might see larger revisions to the published House Price Index (HPI) estimates than usual. Fewer transactions are available than expected for the May 2021 estimate. As a result, there may be increased volatility in this month’s estimates, particularly at the lower geographical levels where transaction volumes are smaller. We are looking at options to improve this, including working with data suppliers. Further information on this can be found in Section 7: Measuring the data.

Figure 1: May 2021 saw UK house price growth rise to 10.0%

Annual house price rates of change for all dwellings, UK: January 2006 to May 2021