Phnom Penh Apartment : Property Queries Surge in Chamkarmon


Phnom Penh Apartment : Despite recent community outbreaks, the amount of search queries so far into Q2 remains above the amount of interest expressed by property seekers in the same time last year, according to, the largest property classifieds portal in the country.

The most popular districts for property searches in Phnom Penh, with the most popular property type searched, are listed below:

Boeung Keng Kang (BKK) | Phnom Penh Apartment

In April 2021’s report, Boeung Keng Kang was the top searched district for properties in Phnom Penh. The district’s popularity continues in May 2021 due to the large availability of modern urban conveniences (modern cafes, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, offices, and international schools) that make it a prime location for many residential property seekers Its diverse collection of consumers make it equally attractive to international businesses and local entrepreneurs to set up shop in the area.

Popular property types searched in BKK (in descending order): Apartments/Condos, Landed Houses, Commercial Properties, and Landed Properties

Chamkarmon | Phnom Penh Apartment

Chamkarmon maintained its second-most-popular status in terms of property searches in Phnom Penh. This district is a prime residential choice due to its near central location without the considerable asking price of BKK. Chamkarmon rivals BKK in terms of urban conveniences and activity as cafes, restaurants, pubs, and supermarkets litter almost every block of the district. Rental properties are quite popular in the area due to the mix of local, expat and tourist market it attracts.

Popular property types searched in Chamkarmon: Apartments/Condos, Landed Houses, Commercial Properties, and Landed Properties

Sen Sok

The vast lands of Sen Sok swept through this month’s popularity rising from 5th overall to be the 3rd most popular district due to a spike in interest. Its flatlands continue to make it a popular development choice for many looking to capitalize on the Kingdom’s persistent pace of growth.

Sen Sok’s popularity among Cambodian property seekers have been noted by both local and foreign investors, resulting in development of boreys and condominiums. This flurry of residential development has been met with commercial developments, chief examples being the AEON Mall 2 – the biggest mall in Cambodia to date. The internationally known Makro wholesale market brand is also present in the district.

Popular property types searched in Sen Sok: Landed houses, Apartment/Condos, Land properties, Land properties, and Commercial properties

The central business district of Daun Penh dropped down to 4th place in May 2021. It is worth noting that Daun Penh’s drop in popularity is not a result of less interest but rather a significant increase in searches for properties in Sen Sok. Daun Penh’s search popularity increased slightly in May as business gradually returned to the capital city.

Popular property types searched in Daun Penh: Apartment/Condos, Landed houses, Commercial properties, and Land properties