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Food & Drink magazine, now celebrating its 25th year, is thrilled to celebrate four new additions to its editorial staff. Join Editor-in-chief Jody Dunn, Associate Editor Charlotte Ramsay, Associate Editor Marcy Di Giula, Digital Content Manager Kimberly Deutsch and Production Manager Sara Deutsch in the fun and exciting world of food & drink. This month’s issue includes the following four special topics: The Rise of Modern Chef, Best Restaurants by City, Trends in Wine & spirits, and Top Restaurants by Industry. We hope you enjoy!

The Rise of Modern Chef It seems as though every city these days is trying to be the next Modern Chef. And food & drink magazine has made note of this with its fall issue. In the run up to Christmas, the city of Boston was honored with a “farewell” to the world’s most famous chef, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey was in Canada to open his highly popular gourmet restaurant. But what’s cooking these days?

There’s no question that celebrity chef cooks are drawing the spotlight. From Rachel Ray to Emeril Lagasse, famous food TV personalities are coming out with their own signature styles and food concepts. And it seems as though there’s always room in the market for another exciting, cutting-edge food star.

Trends in wine have also increased in popularity. According to the Wine Spectator, a British magazine, the number of British pubs offering wines of the new breed has jumped fivefold since 2021. Some of the new favorites include Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The increasing demand for red and white wines, along with the growth of wineries in America and Europe has meant big bucks for those with an eye on these growing trends.

New food & drink trends come and go, but sometimes come back bigger and bolder than before. At the current moment, pizza is enjoying a surge of popularity in the United States, and fast food chains are trying to get a piece of the pie with franchisees. As food & drink magazine puts it, “Pizza and the dining industry have found a new partner in the delivery model.”

While the food & drink industry has changed drastically over the past century, food & drink retailers haven’t been slow to adapt. The 21st century promises to feature many new food and drink trends as well. One thing that’s already been proven with regard to food and beverage marketing is that innovation and change are what keep businesses afloat. And food & drink magazine reports that some of the latest food and drink trends, such as mobile catering and gourmet restaurants, are skyrocketing in popularity.

It’s impossible to talk about food & drink trends in the United States without mentioning beer, wine, and spirits. The number of craft breweries is up, and consumers are drinking more of it, too. The food & drink market is also seeing some changes, as more people are learning to cook and make their own meals at home, rather than eating out all the time. Even with all these positive changes, food & drink magazine notes that the future is “too early to tell” for certain brands, including Mars Inc. and Ghiradelli. Mars Inc., which makes chocolate beverages, is planning a series of “craft-inspired” food products beginning next year.

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